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Aromatherapy for Healing Through the Senses

It's easy to figure out that the word aromatherapy means just that. It's therapy using aroma. The real questions lie in where those aromas come from, what they are used for and why.

In the town that we live in there is a little shopping hub called Cocoa Village. It was one of Roxi's favorite places to walk and Bella and little LuLu love it just as much! In the village there was a wonderful place called Essential Massage where you could also buy aromatherapy candles and essential oils. During the day the doors of Essential Massage were always open and as we would get near, the wonderful aroma of the essential oils begin to waft through the humid Florida air. Immediately we got a sense of well-being and relaxation. By using Aromatherapy you can create that same feeling in your home!

What is Aromatherapy?

In a nutshell aromatherapy is the prevention and treatment of disease by the use of essential oils.

The 2 basic mechanisms to deliver the effects of the essential oils are the influence of the aroma on the brain through your sense of smell,  and the direct effect of the essential oils through massage or application to certain points on the body.

There are many uses for aromatherapy, including pain relief, anxiety reduction, energy enhancement, memory enhancement, relaxation, hair loss prevention and eczema-induced itching reduction. 

How Do You Use Essential Oils?

There are several ways that you can use essential oils to get desired results. One of these is as simple as rubbing a dab of the oil on your temples. This is something that we have used and it really works. Especially with lavender which can get rid of a headache pretty quickly.

Another thing that we like to do is mix a few drops of our favorite essential oil with spring water in a spritzer bottle. It can be used as a room spray or a pillow spray.

One very popular use for aromatherapy is through the use of diffusers and there are some oils you can even safely ingest!

List of Essential Oils for Aromatherapy & Their Uses

Chamomile-- Used for calming. Can be used for premenstrual tension, indigestion, acne and other sensitive skin conditions

Eucalyptus-- Used as an antiseptic. Can be used for viral infections, coughs, colds, bronchitis, muscular aches and rheumatoid conditions

Geranium-- Used as a mild astringent. Can be used for cuts, sores and infections. Can also be used as an insect repellent and to sooth skin problems, eczema and bruises. Another use for Geranium is for mild depression

Jasmine-- Used as an anti-depressant for depression and post-natal depression. Also used as an aphrodisiac and to strenthen contactions during labor

Lavender-- Used as a mild analgesic (painkiller). Can be used for headaches, bruises, wounds, insect bites and swelling. Can also be used for oily skin and acne, swelling, calming insomnia and mild depression

Marjoram-- Used as a mild analgesic. Can be used for menstrual pain, sore throat, insomnia, headaches and poor circulation. Can also be used for acne, warming and insomnia

Neroli-- Used as a mild sedative. Can be used for insomnia, nervous depression, anxiety, improving circulation, acne, backache and premenstrual pain

Peppermint -- Peppermint helps to relieve headaches and indigestion. It also reduces mental fatigue, increases & maintains alertness, relieves nausea, and helps reduce itching. For repelling insects mix peppermint with lavender, orange, geranium, rosemary, juniper and other oils that repel insects. Warning: Do not use peppermint on infants and toddlers

Rose -- Used as an antiseptic. Can be used for sore throats and sinus congestion, puffiness, mild sedative, increased libido, menopause, premenstrual pain and insomnia

Rosemary -- Used as a mild stimulant. Can be used for fatigue, respiratory problems, asthma, forgetfulnes and rheumatoid aches and pains

Sandalwood -- Used as an antiseptic. Can be used for dry, chapped or cracked skin, calming relaxation during meditation, as an aphrodisiac, or for acne

Aromatherapy Tip:

Combine aromatherapy with affirmations. Make a spritzer with the essential oil that will help you with your particular issue and spritz your pillow with it. Lie down on your pillow and recite affirmations that coincide with that issue. For instance you could use Eucalyptus and recite " I am strong and determined"


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