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Biomass - Reducing Our Need For Foreign Oil

I'm sure you're wondering what Biomass really is. You've probably heard about it, but never had the chance to really investigate all the good things it can do for you and the planet. This page will offer you simple explanations and ideas to help give you a firm understanding of this alternative fuel.

What is Biomass?

The basic description is that it's a total mass of living matter within a given unit of environmental area. Plant material, vegetation, or agricultural waste is used as a fuel or energy source.

Of course you know that wood has always been used to cook food and as a heat source. It has been & is still the largest biomass energy resource used today. Here are some additional sources you may not know about:

Food Crops
Grassy and Woody Plants
Agriculture or Forestry Residues
Organic Components of Municipal and Industrial Waste
Fumes from Landfills (Create Methane, a Natural Gas)

How Can We Use It?

These wonderful, natural and organic compounds can be used for fuels, power production and products that would otherwise be made from fossil fuels. They can be used to produce heat and steam, power and electricity and even compost to fertilize your plants.

Biofuel-The two main types of biofuel are methane and biodiesel. Ethanol can be used with gasoline to run vehicles. Biofuel is a clean burning fuel made from domestic and renewable resources such as new or used cooking oils.

Biopower- Biopower is the use of Biological Matter to generate steam, heat and electricity in refineries. Steam drives a turbine which turns a generator that converts power into electricity. This process is very clean and energy efficient.

What are the Benefits?

This type of energy potentially reduces greenhouse gasses. It releases about the same amount of carbon as fossil fuels, but this using biofuels releases carbon dioxide that is balanced by the carbon dioxide captured in its own growth, which makes it more balanced.

It can also reduce our dependence on foreign oil because biofuels are the only renewable liquid fuels available for transportation.

Something we are going to start seeing more of in the future will be the use of Biomass in products such as detergents, plastics, carpets and fabrics.

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