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Let Healthy Food Transform Your Life One Bite at a Time!

We've all heard that worn out line "You Are What You Eat", but healthy food is no cliche. What you put in your body not only affects how you feel now, but your body will thank you for years to come if you choose healthy food over "bad" food!

We all know about the risks we face eating fats and food additives, not to mention the hazards of sugar, but often times we don't really know what to do about it. Our hope is that we can provide practical guidance to you on what it takes to establish a way of eating that is healthy, simple, economical, and most of all delicious.


Healthy Tip:
Are you vegan, lactose intolerant, or have a milk allergy and looking for a healthy alternative? There are lots different milks to choose from.......soy milk, rice milk and almond milk to name a few, but the best alternative we've found so far is Hemp Milk. It's got a balanced amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 and best of all it's creamy and delicious. We've found the brand Living Harvest Hemp Milk to be the best. Check it out!


There are several factors that can determine what is healthy. You can include as many of those factors in your diet as possible. Go at your own pace and you'll see that the simplest changes can make a big difference in the way you feel.

On this site we'll include information on the following:

*Macrobiotic Diet -- How this diet can heal you in many ways

*Organic Chocolate -- You may not think of chocolate as healthy, but we just couldn't resist sharing this information about organic chocolate and why it really is healthy!

*Organic Food -- How to know what makes food organic and how to choose the best organic foods for you.

*Organic Vegetable Gardening -- Grow your own healthy food!

*Vegetarianism -- Types of vegetarian, what to include in your diet and how to avoid hidden sources of animal proteins.

*Buying Locally -- Buying locally grown seasonal foods has many rewards

*Sustainable Agriculture -- Addressing many of today’s environmental, economical and social issues

*Raw Foods -- Discover this healthy way of eating and boost your energy!



Having a hard time getting your kids to eat healthy food? Look no further! Annie's has the best natural and organic food for kids. Not only is this healthy food delicous, but it's made especially fun for kids. Their mac and cheese is the best hands down! Even grown ups will love it. Best of all, if your store doesn't carry it, you can order it online and have it delivered. Their website is lots of fun too, with a section for kids, coupons and free stickers. Check it out:

Annie's Homegrown - Natural & Organic Foods



Find the original art above by R.L. Winkelmann
by clicking on the picture!

You'll also find lots of delicious tried and true recipes and as much simple and practical information as we possibly can plus so much more.

This page is for you whether you want to be a vegetarian, you want to heal yourself, you want to help the environment, you want to eat more organically or you just want to enjoy the benefits from healthy eating. Perhaps you'll embrace it all. Let healthy food show you the way!

Ten Superfoods for Age Defying Beauty
as seen on Oprah Winfrey by Dr. Nicholas Perricone

According to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, some foods can be eaten to help you look and age better!

Acai fruit
This little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world. It can often be found in juice form in health food and gourmet stores. Amazon Thunder is the Acai recommended by Oprah because of it's quality and because it's organic. You can buy it here!

Anything in the "Allium Family"
Garlic, onions, leeks, scallions, chives and shallots can all help the liver eliminate toxins and carcinogens.

This can be used as a breakfast cereal, in soups and stews, and as a rice substitute. Barley's also high in fiber, helping metabolize fats, cholesterol and carbohydrates.

Green Foods
Green foods like wheat and barley grasses can be bought in powder, tablet or juice form, and offer greater levels of nutrients than green leafy vegetables. They also help cholesterol, blood pressure and immune response.

Buckwheat: Seed & Grain
Buckwheat is loaded with protein, high in amino acid, stabilizes blood sugar and reduces hypertension.

Beans & Lentils
You can reduce cholesterol while beefing up on antioxidants, folic acid and potassium. Try kidney, black, navy, pinto, chickpeas, soybeans, peas and lentils.

Hot Peppers
Both bell and chili peppers contain antioxidants, have twice the Vitamin C as citrus fruit and work as great fat burners.

Nuts & Seeds
You can't go wrong with a handful of nuts a day—walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia and pistachio nuts contain Omega 3 fats, which are great for your heart. Raw, unsalted nuts and seeds are best.

Numerous varieties of sprouts are great with any meal. They're a great source of protein and Vitamin C. Try adding them to any dish and your immune system will get a boost.

Yogurt and Kefir
These cultured foods contain healthful bacteria that aid immune function, and the calcium helps burn fat. Try using them as a base for a smoothie.

Would you like to know more about Dr. Perricone? If so check out his bio here: Meet Dr. Nicholas Perricone



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