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Relax Your Body & Soul With Massage Therapy

Nearly everyone knows that Massage Therapy is very relaxing and feels good for the body. Not everyone knows that it's also good for the soul and that there are so many wonderful benefits to this ancient healing art.

It has proven beneficial when used in chronic conditions such as back pain, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and anything else you could possibly think of. I'm sure you would agree that it can especially help to relieve the stresses of everyday life that can lead to disease and illness.

massage therapy

So What Exactly Is It?

In a nutshell, this therapy is defined as the application of various techniques to the muscle system and soft tissues of the human body. This improves the circulation and helps unblock stagnant energy,which will flow again after a good massage.

There are more then 250 variations of treatment and many therapists use multiple techniques. Essential oils, lotions or powders may be used in any of these techniques to reduce friction.

This page will give you a few basics and help you decide the best treatment for you. We'll also provide recommendations and information on how you can become a practitioner yourself!

Want to find a Massage Therapist in your area? Check out the American Massage Therapy Association.

Types of Massage

Swedish Massage - Involves long strokes, tapping & kneading of the muscles & soft tissue.

Rolfing - Rolfing is a painful method of massage, aimed at the deep, deep soft tissue of the joints.

Acupressure - A form of massage which is acupuncture, performed without the use of needles, using pressure of the fingertips on pressure points.

Shiatsu - Very similar to acupressure, but instead of using just the fingertips,the pressure can be applied with the hands, knees and feet as well as the elbows.

Reflexology - Another form of massage which addresses the whole body by applying pressure to the hands and feet. This pressure is applied in the body's zones that run from the feet thru the body to the fingertips.This helps diagnose problem areas on the body by finding tender points, and then using the finger and thumb to apply pressure with the tips of the fingers to the right reflex points restoring balance and wellness.

Thinking about becoming a practitioner yourself? Find a school in your area at this directory of schools for Natural Healers.


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