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Organic Chocolate - Everyone's Favorite Edible Passion

Not only is organic chocolate the ultimate indulgence for your taste buds, but its also good for you and the environment. How can you go wrong? This page is devoted to everyone's favorite edible passion.  We'll explain why you should buy your cocoa organically and where you can get it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Why does chocolate that is organic taste better?

Chocolate made with organic cocoa minimizes the risk of pesticide residues that can toxify the body. It also contains high amounts of antioxidants; in fact more then red wine and tea. The high sugar levels in the organic beans are off set by anti-bacterial agents, which is great news for chocolate lovers like us!

Organic cocoa is grown in the shade of the rainforest, where it grows the best and gets plenty of nutrients. Small plots are farmed under the shade trees and the birds from those environments are not disturbed and have a natural habitat untouched by pesticides. Not only better for the environment, but also better for the farmers.

There are very high levels of pesticides that are allowed in chocolate that isn't organic. Here's a list of pesticidess that are legally allowed in conventional chocolate along with how they can affect your body:

Glyphosate -- This can affect the digestive system tissue, cause genetic damage and affect reproduction.

Pyrethrins -- Can be toxic to reproduction and development. Also can have neurotoxic effects.

Methyl Bromide  -- Can cause prostate cancer, have kidney, liver and neurological effects.

Hydrogen Cyanide -- Can be acutely toxic, have thyroid effects, and cause nerve degeneration

Naled -- Can affect the central nervous system and cause headaches, nausea and diarrhea

Granted, the FDA tries to do its best to ensure that cocoa with large amounts of pesticides are not distributed to us, but traces of all these pesticides have been found in most imported chocolate that isn't organic. I think you'd agree that it would be preferred that NO pesticide be allowed. That's one of the reasons we prefer to have organic cocoa products.

Now that we've explained the differences between organic and non-organic chocolate, its time to find out where you can get the finest organic chocolate available:

Endangered Species Chocolate Company

Equal Exchange

Rapunzel Pure Organics, Inc.


Sweet Earth Chocolates


Lake Champlain Chocolates

Terra Nostra Chocolate

Ithaca Fine Chocolates

Your favorite store may offer these fine chocolate products:

Green & Black's

Newman's Own Organics

Tropical Source Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Chips

Stay tuned to this page for more information and great resources for organic chocolate. Your tastebuds will thank you!


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