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Organic Gardening....Grow Your Own Food & Keep Your Yard Beautiful....Naturally!

There are so many rewards that come from Organic Gardening, and the best part is that without the use of chemicals your garden and yard can be just as beautiful and healthy, if not more so, then those who do use chemicals.

You may think that it will take you more time or cost you more money, but the real truth is that there are so many cost effective methods, you could save money and time in the long run.......not to mention the profound effects it will have on the environment.

Did You Know?
A properly prepared and maintained bed of 100 square feet can yield enough vegetables and soft fruit in a 4-6 month growing season to sustain one person.

- As estimated by John Jeavons in "Gardening for the Future of The Earth", a Seeds of Change Book

If you would like to learn how to create a beautiful yard and garden naturally but just aren't sure how to start, this page will offer you a simple guide along with easy tips on how to get started and maintain a garden that the neighbors will envy!

Don't have a large yard or any yard at all? We've recently discovered Hydroponic Gardening.It is a clean & safe technique that offers an economic, healthy alternative to organic soil gardening and best of all you can grow your plants in a small space indoors or outdoors! Even if you don't have much of a green thumb, it's pretty fool proof and because there is no soil, there is a minimal chance for pests and disease.

Speaking of pests check out our Natural Pest Control pageto learn how you can control pests without harming the environment or putting your family's health at risk.

For more Organic Gardening tips check out these pages:

  • Organic Vegetable Gardening

  • Companion Planting

  • Organic Weed Control

  • Natural Fungus Control

  • Composting
  • And our Favorite....Organic Turkey Manure!
  • So whether you want to try growing your own organic food or you just want a naturally healthy yard or both, we hope that this simple guide will help show you the way!

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