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Organic Hair Care For Your Crowning Glory

With all the toxins you encounter every day,Organic Hair Care is one of the many ways that you can protect and defend your skin from absorbing any of the hundreds of known and presumed harmful toxins into your body. We hope that this page will show you how you can use organic hair care products to keep your self healthy. We will even show you how you can make your own shampoos and conditioners by using everyday healthy items found in your own pantry.

Many popular brands of hair care products contain toxic and hazardous chemicals that are absorbed into our bodies through the skin. Unfortunately there is no legislation that requires the manufacturers of these products to list the exact ingredients on the label. This makes it very difficult to know exactly what you’re putting on and into your skin. Sometimes the manufacturer will even disguise dangerous chemicals by a trade name. They may even be disguised on the label as inert ingredients.

One of the most common ingredients that contains a harsh chemical foaming agent is Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfate. This ingredient has been known to cause nervous system and hormone issues as well as various cancers, especially if they are combined with other toxic ingredients.

Here is a list of other toxins to avoid:

Paraben Mimic estrogen in your body and are linked to breast cancer.
Propylene GlycolThis is used in brake fluid and antifreeze! It is also known to cause liver & kidney damage in animals.
Lauramide (Lauric DEA & Cocamide MEA) These are the foaming agents added to shampoos. They easily penetrate the skin and cause the formation of very powerful carcinogens.

Hair Dyes
Using commercial hair dyes can be very hazardous to your health. Most of these hazards have mostly been linked with permanent and semi-permanent dyes, especially dark brown and black. Keep an eye out for these chemicals and avoid them at all costs:
4-MMPD Sulphate
ammoniated mercury
To really be on the safe side, there are several plant-derived dyes on the market. You can find these at your local health food store, co-op or even online. If you get your hair done at a salon, make sure you choose a salon that uses natural and organic products, especially hair dye. Here is a list of safe and natural hair dyes you may want to try:

• Herbatint
• Light Mountain
• Surya Henna
• Naturcolor
• Rainbow Henna
• Morrocco Method Simply Pure Henna
• Color Me Naturally by Aubrey

A great percentage of the cosmetic industry’s research is carried out on animals. 73% of all animal testing is conducted on consumer products, not medical research. Please, please check your labels to make sure they say "We do not test on animals"! Please don’t use the products if they don’t say that. Be careful to make sure it doesn’t say "no animal testing on some ingredients".

There are several eco-friendly hair care products that use natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients. One thing you should know is that the FDA does not natural or organic options for shampoos and personal care items. Some products that may advertise as natural or organic, may indeed contain dangerous chemicals. Would you like to know whether or not your hair care products are safe. Find out by looking at the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep report.

Organic Hair Care Hot Oil Treatment

Got dry and damaged hair that breaks easily? A wonderful, natural and economical way to remedy this problem is with a Pure Coconut Hot Oil Treatment. Coconut Oil not only provides essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair, but you’ll feel like you’re at the beach from the wonderful coconut scent! Here’s how to do it:

Start with an organic cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. This is important, because you want the least amount of processing possible.

Warm about a half cup of the oil and pour it into a cup. Make sure you don’t overheat the oil. Coconut oil tends to heat very quickly.

Massage the oil into your hair and scalp for about a minute and then comb through to the ends of your hair.

Dip a towel in hot water, ring it out then wrap around your hair. Leave the towel on for about 20 minutes.

Remove the towel and shampoo your hair thoroughly. You can do this hot oil treatment as often as once a week to keep your hair looking shiny, strong and healthy.

By being diligient and doing lots of research for organic hair care products you will greatly reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals and will keep you and your family at a lower risk of future health problems. If you are really motivated you may even want to try making your own organic hair care products. Stay tuned, we’ll have some recipes coming soon!

John Masters Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer
icon is a topical solution that promotes healthy hair growth by improving the condition of your scalp. A unique combination of organic herbs and essential oils work to assure nutrient intake, stimulate circulation, balance sebum production and eliminate free radicals -- resulting in optimal scalp and hair health. Select ingredients also work to enhance hair volume and shine. Safe for color-treated hair.

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