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Organic Skin Care for a Healthy Natural Glow

Organic Skin Care is not just about what you put on your skin but also what you put in your body. In such a harsh and toxic environment there are many things we can do to defend the largest organ in our bodies: the skin. So many times we think we’re doing the right thing by using products that say they are good for our skin, when in reality they are not only harmful to our health but also to the environment and even to animals used in testing. Hopefully we can help you decide the best way to take care of your skin by providing information on what to look for, links to great organic skin care products & what to eat and drink for optimal results. We’ll even offer some recipes you can make yourself with things you find in your own kitchen.

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What To Look For And Avoid

Did you know that 60% of what is applied to your skin enters into the blood stream? Unwanted chemicals can lead to so may problems such as cancer, birth defects and allergies. So just what are the ingredients you should avoid in order to stay healthy?

1. Mineral oils and petrolatum - This is the most popular moisturizing ingredient in commercial lotions, suntan cream and many other ointments and moisturizers. It doesn’t have any color, odor or taste, it’s very cheap and it combines easily with other ingredients to make a smooth lotion. Therefore, manufacturers love it. What they don’t tell you is that it’s known to be a human carcinogen. It also, along with petroleum jelly, forms a film over the skin to lock in moisture, but also traps toxins and wastes which hamper the skin’s normal respiration by keeping oxygen out. Also watch out for propylene glycol, which is another form of mineral oil. You can find it in baby lotions, foundation creams, mascara, deodorant, lipstick and suntan lotions. It’s been known to cause liver and kidney damage & is very irritating to the skin.

2. Parabens - These are mostly used as preservatives. You can find them near the end of the ingredient list most often as butyl-, ethyl-, methyl-, or propyl-. They have been known to have an effect on estrogen and have been found in breast tumors. Something to watch out for is products that use citrus seed extracts, because the seeds may have been sprayed with parabens.

3. Phthalates - A lot of times these chemicals won’t show up on the ingredients list, but are present in many health & beauty products jus the same. If you see the word “perfume” or “fragrance” it means that phthalates are present. They are used to preserve synthetic scents. They can adversely affect male sperm and increase testosterone and estrogen levels making them a big breast cancer risk. You can also find them in nail polish, lacquers and soft plastics like pet and infant chew toys.

4. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate(SLES) – This is a very well known irritant to the skin which absorbs rapidly and is stored in the eyes, brain, heart & liver. It is the most widely used foaming agent in shampoo, cleansers and toothpaste. Please try to avoid these substances.

What Can You Do?

Read the ingredients on the label. If possible avoid the four ingredients listed above and use organic skin care products. In the future determine what other ingredients you may be sensitive and eliminate them.

Ask yourself if you really need to use any products that are known to contain toxins. If you must use certain things, make sure you look for organic skin care products or make your own.

Find a list of companies that have signed a pledge to remove known toxins from their products and use only those companies, preferably companies that provide organic skin care products. Check out the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Go through your stock of skin care products and take inventory of which ones contain toxins. Replace those products with organic skin care products.

Beautiful Skin From Within

As we all know truly beautiful skin is really just a reflection of what’s on the inside. It doesn’t matter how old you are, good health shines through. The best way to achieve that true beauty is by taking care of ourselves. Here are a few simple things you can do to let that inner beauty shine through:

- Get lots of rest –
- Exercise –
- Meditate –
- Avoid Toxic Exposure –
- Eat Lots of Fruits and Veggies –
- Drink Lots of Water -

We’ve done some research and found some organic skin care products that are in the safe zone according to the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.

For a moisturizer we recommend Juice Organics Light Tint Moisturizer. It has a mineral SPF30 sunscreen, replenishes and protects and is made with certified organic ingredients meeting the strict guidelines of the USDA National Organic Program. They do not test on animals, use 100% vegetarian ingredients & products are made in USA.

For a facial cleanser we recommend Derma E Organic Expressions Facial Cleanser. This olive based cleanser is a gentle, non drying formula that effectively cleanses your skin and enhances it's health, leaving it soothed and refreshed.

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Are you feeling like you need a little facial lift & considering botox? Did you know that botox is a toxin produced by the bacteria that causes botulism, which affects the nerves? When injected into a muscle, it produces a reduction in the activity of the muscle. I don’t know about you, but that sounds absolutely horrible (and painful) to me. Not to mention the way it makes you look afterwards. Eyes wide open looking, permasmile. It just doesn’t look natural. There are some great alternatives and organic skin care products that will give your face a dramatic natural lift without the painful botox injections. One simple and free way to lift the muscles in your face is with facial exercises. Not only will this give your face a lift, but will strengthen your muscles rather then reduce their activity. Try this site out for some easy exercises. If you think you need a little extra help to exercise your face try the facial flex ultra icon or the NuFaceicon both from Gaiam. Frequent facial massages are also a great way to give your face a lift. I’ve seen people look ten years younger after a facial massage!

Healthy skin is really just a reflection of what’s inside. Here are some things you can put in your body (and what not to put into your body) that will help keep your skin firm and young:

* Drink water! It’s important to keep your skin hydrated and it also flushes toxins. Drink at least 6 cups of water or tea everyday for a healthy glow. An added benefit is that it will help you lose weight. Can botox do that?
* Add more fruits and veggies to your diet. They’re full of silica which helps maintain the elasticity of your skin and improve your complexion. Don’t forget that silica is also found in the strings (celery) & peels (cucumbers).
* Instead of eating refined carb foods like white bread, rice or pasta, try whole grain instead. Whole grains provide anti-aging antioxidants and fiber which is the key element in a healthy skin diet. Try for 35 grams of fiber a day.
* Reduce bad fats (saturated and trans) in your diet & trade them for good fats. Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce skin cancer risk. Try eating about 200 mg a day – the equivalent of 2 servings a salmon a week. Lineolic acid, another good fat found in safflower oil, sunflower oil & olive oil, can prevent dry and flaky skin.
* Make sure you get your vitamin C. Vitamin C is involved in the formation of collagen which binds cells and tissues together keeping your skin firm. Include foods such as oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, strawberries, red bell peppers and broccoli in your diet.

So for instead of opting for botox, why not try these organic skin care options for a naturally more youthful you!

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