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What Are Raw Foods?

Raw foods, also known as living foods is a plant based, vegan lifestyle, avoiding cooking foods above a certain temperature. In general, the act of heating food over 110 degrees destroys enzymes in food. It also changes the molecular structure of foods. On this page we'll provide you with simple information on this diet as well as some great resources. Please remember that the foods we are referring to on this page are all plant based foods. Also remember that you dont have to go totally raw to reap the healthy benefits. Living foods incorporated into your cooked diet can promote weight loss, provide energy and give you clearer skin, while releasing toxins.

Benefits of a Living Foods Diet

Reduces body fat and inflammation because of low levels of c-reactive protein.
Increases energy
Sturdier immune system that recovers from disease faster

Energy Efficiency:
No Cooking = No electricity
Organic agriculture helps to save the planet

Others Benefits:
Most become more in-tune with their body
A lot of people report spiritual improvements
No animal products are used and the animals are thankful!

The Basics

Vegetables and fruits start losing their nutrients from the moment they are picked so buy local and organic.

The pancreas works harder to produce more enzymes, stressing and using more energy to digest Raw foods left whole and unprocessed retain all their nutrients & enzymes.

Living foods take less energy to digest and digest more rapidly 24 to 36 hrs.

Cooked foods can take 48 to 100 hrs to be digested.

Vegetables - locally grown & organic

Fruits - locally grown & organic

Grains - whole and sprouted

Nuts - regular and sprouted

Seeds - regular and sprouted

Raw almond butter and tahini are for hummus and salad dressings.

No sugar

Did you know that a side effect of a raw food diet reported by some people is that there vision became clearer and/or the color of their eye may even have changed?

The Ayruvedic view of the eye color is that whatever you have excess of in our body is the color your eyes are (excess in the astral or spiritual body). Thus the deep cleansing provided by a this diet would change the color of the eye. It would take several months for this to notice a difference, but it really has been reported by several people!

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