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Who We Are at Peaceful Organic Planet

Who we are at Peaceful Organic Planet is the creation of Robin Winkelmann and Kim Paschke with the assistance of the wonderful Westiepoo Roxi Heart (RIP), Bella the Jack-a-Poo, fabulous felines Chloe and Emily and newest family member Lulu Joy the Happy Havatzu.

Robin is: Artist, Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist, Member of WEEP, Vegetarian, Peaceful, Animal Lover

Kimi is: Writer, Artist, Musician, Songwriter, Bass Player, Member of WEEP, Vegetarian, Animal Lover

RIP Roxi Heart - We Miss You and Love You

She was: The Silky Angel, Pure Love, Pit Bull Impersonater, Snuggler,  Yoga Doggie and the Best Big Sister

Roxi the Dog

Roxi Heart

Chloe is: Crazy, Playful, Acrocat, Clown and relentless curtain climber



Here is Bella Boo: The Kitty Wrestler, Very Vocal, Amazing Jumper, Happy Doggie tail-wagger

Bella Boo

Here is Emily: Beauty, Grace & Strength


The newest family Member Lulu Joy: Happy Hava-tzu.  You can follow her on Instagram

Lulu Joy

Our Journey

We were lucky when we began this journey several years ago, because we happened to live in the very green, health conscious vegetarian haven of Ithaca, NY. Even then it was still a challenge to know what to eat when we first became vegetarians. Most people we knew, including ourselves, who weren't vegetarians had the concept that vegetarians only ate vegetables. We soon learned that wasn't true!

Eventually eating vegetarian led us to learning about whole organic foods, eating locally and even at one time the macrobiotic diet. As we learned what to put in and not to put in our bodies, we began to explore other ways to improve our physical health. We learned about natural healing methods and alternative medicine, as well as how keep our bodies fit.

Moving on, the journey led us to explore the world outside our own bodies to include our own home, garden, environment and beyond. Eventually everything that we learned came back around to our whole selves to explore our mind, body and spirit as one. The culmination of the holistic experience!

At this point our journey is far from complete. Now living in Central Florida we will continue to learn and discover new and better ways to take care of ourselves, our families, our homes and the earth and discover who we are. All that we have learned so far we are sharing with you in hopes that it will make your journey much easier.



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