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Create Your Organic Environment
One Step at a Time!

Hello and welcome to Peaceful Organic Planet! We're happy that you decided to check us out. Are you curious about the growing awareness of healthy green organic living and environmentalism but not quite sure where to start? Maybe you're already living green and you're just searching for more information. Whatever your reason, we will offer up simple and economical solutions and ideas to help you create a healthier, greener and more natural life for yourself, your family and the Earth. That is our passion and we want to share it with you! Back in grade school I remember singing a song that started "It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around will warm up to its glowing". Here at Peaceful Organic Planet, we believe that in this ever growing quest for global awareness there are many sparks, and as one of those sparks it is our responsibility to share the knowledge we have gained with as many people as we can.

Our hope is that from the things we learned through the trials and errors of our journey, we can help make your journey much easier. It just wouldn't be right to keep all that experience to ourselves!


Because our journey began when we became vegetarians, this site begins with a section dedicated to healthy, natural and organic whole foods. It's okay if you aren't interested in becoming a vegetarian. There are healthy options for everyone!

We know that it costs a little more to get healthier quality food, so we've  included tips on how you can squeeze the most out of your dollar. We also include fantastic tried & true recipes along with the opportunity for you to contribute recipes of your own!

Are you searching for alternative therapies for reducing stress, healing or overall wellness? We've committed part of this site to focusing on several forms of alternative healing and wellness including acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal healing, homeopathy and several others.

If you're seeking information on keeping your body fit, we will give you the basics for such practices as yoga, pilates and tai chi, but if you want to exercise your mind and your spirit our section that focuses on inner wellness will introduce you to meditation, ayurveda, spiritualism, enlightenment and more.

Last, but certainly not least, we will provide you with tips and information on how to live in harmony with the environment around you... from how to make a natural healthy home, organic gardening, the principles of feng shui and natural pet care to green architect resources, alternative energy, recycling and healthy & eco-friendly travel.

There's so much to learn but it's definitely not a crash course. So take your time and make those healthy changes one step at a time. We still have more to discover, but we keep on taking those baby steps towards a healthier life.

As we continue to learn we will add our new-found knowledge to this website, so we hope you come back often. In the future we will be adding great video tips, a newsletter, a place for you to share your tips and more fun ways to live a more healthy & happy lifestyle. We hope you find it as exciting as we do on this Peaceful Organic Planet!


Healthy Food and Natural Organic Eating
Healthy food is not only good for you, but eating organically is also about environmental awareness. This page will help you transform your life deliciously!
Healthy and Delicious Recipes
Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic or just searching for healthy recipes this page will be sure to entice your tastebuds!
Ionized Water
Ionized water can change your life. This page will show you how this
Natural Healing for the Body, Mind and Spirit
Exploring natural healing methods can be overwhelming. We'll help you sort out the different approaches to find which one is best for you.
Organic Gardening for a Naturally Beautiful Yard
Learn all about organic gardening , growing your own vegetables, and natural ways to control weeds and pests for a healthy and toxic free environment and an economical food source!
Organic Beauty
What you put on and in your body makes a difference your appearance. This organic beauty page will show you how to make your own beauty products, how to eat for optimum results and tips on products.
Your Natural Pet - A Simple Guide
There are many ways to treat your pet in a holistic & organic manner . This page will help you make this important member of your family a natural pet.
Organic Home and Natural Living
There are many things you can do to transform your environment into an organic home. This site will show you how to create a healthy and natural environement for you and your family.
Green Living on this Peaceful Organic Planet
In the wake of Global Warming, green living is very important. This page will provide information and simple steps you can take to be more earth friendly!
Alternative Energy
With the steady rise of gas prices, alternative energy is a logical answer. This page will introduce you to some ways to save energy and money!
Who We Are at Peaceful Organic Planet
Find out who we are and get the scoop behind Peaceful Organic Planet!
Peaceful Organic Planet Links
Recommended Links from Peaceful Organic Planet
Peaceful Organic Planet Store
Our store providing organic and natural products that we highly recommend.
Natural and Organic Gifts
Giving natural and organic gifts shows someone that your really care. This page is a collection of gifts that we have chosen to help you find the perfect one.
Organic Blog
The Organic Blog keeps you informed of anything new that is added to the website. Please Subscribe Here.

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