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Ionized Water -- Balance Your Life

The concept of ionized water has been around for over fifty years and the benefits of this "magic water" are amazing. This page will explain the history, technology and incredible benefits that ionized alkaline water can provide to you and your family.

"Let me give you the single most effective prescription for well-being, improved health, disease prevention, potentially reversible stages of degenerative diseases-and finally the best pain medicine in the world. It needs no doctor's prescription. It is freely available. It has no dangerous side effects. It is the medication that your body cries for when it is stressed. It is good old plain, natural water-ready cash for the industrial systems of the body."
~~F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. about the power of water.

Why What You Drink is Fundamental to Your Health

Our bodies are composed of approx 70% water so it is essential to keep ourselves hydrated.

Water can be one of the most corrosive substances we can ingest, yet it is essential to life.

The quality of the water we consume directly impacts our overall health.

Ionized Alkaline Water has 3 Properties That Make It The Ultimate Drink For Your Health:

1. Alkalinization
2. Antioxidation
3. Micro-Clustering for Better Hydration

<h2 >Alkalinization

When we were born, our bodies were alkaline by design or PH neutral which is 7.3


--As we age our bodies accumulate acids and toxins in the blood and cells. This is called acidosis.

--Acidocis is the major cause of disease in our society.

--80% of what we purchase at the stores creates acidosis


--The primary function of oxygen in our body is to metabolize or make available hydrogen which is the only fuel the body knows.

--You must create a higher PH (Potential Hydrogen) in your body or an Alkaline state.

--Ionized Alkaline Water is “Hydrogen Rich” and will reverse acidosis. 

<h2 >AntioxidationOxidation is defined as the loss of at least one electron when two or more substances interact. It is what turns apples brown and causes rust on metal.It can be destructive, such as the rusting of an automobile or the spoiling of fresh fruit. In our bodies these positively charged ions produce "free radicals", which are like terrorists moving around in the colon missing part of their brain and just doing rampant damage to the colon cells.

Ionized water has a super high Negative Oxidation Potential (known as -ORP) which allows your body to rebuild the cells and repair damage caused by free radicals. This makes it a super antioxidant.It also enhances the cells ability to take in nutrients and expel toxins and neutralizes free radicals, allowing cells to be restored to their healthy, working condition.

If you would like to get more information on the best water ionizer available please contact Robin Winkelmann at mymagicwater@yahoo.com

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