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Alternative Energy - Looking Towards the Future

Alternative Energy is the term that is used for any other energy source but fossil fuels. If we do our best to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, not only will we help the environment, but we can also save money.

There are several things that we can do. Some may seem expensive at first, but in the long run the savings will definitely add up. There are also some things that won't take such a large chunk out of your budget.

On this page we'll introduce you to energy sources that can change your life and the world!


Types of Energy

Here is a list of sources you'll learn about:



Solar energy

Wind Power

Wave Power


Cold Fusion


Quick Facts

* Demand for oil will grow to 116m barrels a day by 2030, an increase of 37% on 2006 oil usage.

* An area 200 miles square covered with solar panels could provide all the electricity the world needs

* Wind Energy could potentially provide about a tenth of the worlds power

* Renewable energy sources - water (hydropower), biomass, wind, heat from the earth (geothermal), and the sun (solar energy) - regenerate and can be sustained indefinitely.


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