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What is Homeopathy?

The first time I was introduced to homeopathy was when we were visiting Maui, HI. We were blessed to be able to camp right on the beach in the middle of the rainforest in Kipahulu. The only thing was that we had to climb a rope down a steep cliff to get there. One night the tide was so high that we were afraid our little tent was going to get washed into the Pacific Ocean with us in it! Luckily our gracious hosts had a little cabana at the top of the cliff that we could stay in as a back-up plan and being the brave warrior that I was (haha), I decided to carry one of our cushions on my shoulder and pull myself up the rope with my other arm. Needless to say I ended up with a huge bruise on my arm after losing my footing and slamming myself into the side of the cliff. I wore my blurry purple tattoo proudly!

The next day while shopping in the town of Paia, I was approached by a lady that had spotted my bruise and was amazed at the size and color of it. She suggested that I take Arnica Montana. Naturally, I had no idea what she was talking about, so she explained to me that it was homeopathic medicine and it came in little tablets that I should hold under my tongue until they dissolved. She told me that it would shorten the healing time of the bruise and pointed me in the direction of a store called Mana Natural Foods. I did as she suggested and followed the directions on the little blue tube of what looked like white dots. Sure enough the bruise not only healed faster, but it was also less painful then bruises that I’d had before. Thus, my introduction to homeopathy and my natural curiousness led me to further investigate and subsequently use other homeopathic remedies for myself, my pets, friends and family members. There is a remedy for everything under the sun, and every one that I have tried truly worked.

On this page we’ll provide you with a list of some of the homeopathic remedies for some of the more common ailments and conditions. We’ll provide you with a simple guide on how to take them, but by no means are we experts or practitioners in the field of homeopathic medicine, so we’ll provide you with links to sites and practitioners so that you can get expert advice. For simple things like bruises and anxiety treating yourself isn’t difficult if you follow the directions, but if you have something that is serious we ask that you please consult with a homeopathic practitioner before proceeding to treat yourself with homeopathy.

So What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural alternative to conventional healing that works by eliminating the underlying imbalance of your body that is causing the symptoms. Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and it’s fighting to regain balance. If the symptoms are suppressed the underlying balance goes unchecked and other often more serious problems can arise.

The practice of homeopathy is over 200 years old and is based on the principle of “like cures like”. The remedies consist of tiny doses from plants, minerals or animals that, when taken in large doses create the symptoms of the diseases being treated. The dose of the remedy is so small that in some cases no molecule of the original substance remains.

Remedies can be in liquid or pellet form each dose consists of only a few drops or pellets. The remedy works with your immune system to return your body to balance by treating the root problem instead of the symptoms. There are no harmful side effects because the remedies don’t suppress the symptoms, but gently stimulate healing from within. Babies and pregnant women can use them without side effects and they can also be taken with other medications.

Most of the time the symptoms will not return, as long as the issues that caused the diseases have been resolved. When the right remedy is taken, results can be fast and permanent, although in cases such as seasonal allergies, though, periodic treatment is beneficial and necessary. Remember that exactly the right remedy has to be taken for your symptoms. There is no such thing as a standard headache remedy. It has to be matched to your particular headache…........where it’s located, when it occurs, what brings it on.

Interestingly, homeopathy is the 2nd most widely used system of medicine in the world and it’s used by several famous people including the entire Royal Family, Tina Turner and Paul McCartney.

Although the list of homeopathic remedies is very extensive, here’s a list of some that are used for common ailments:

Arnica Montana – Bruises, Soreness, Muscle Aches, Shock
Aconitum Napellus – Sudden Colds, Acute Fevers, Frights, Anxiety
Allium Cepa – Hayfever, Colds, Headache, Sore Throat, Earache
Antimonium Tartaricum – Thick Mucous, Coughs, Croup, Wheezing, Nausea, Warts
Apis Mellifica – Stings, Swellings, Joints, Bladder Irritation, Eye Irritations
Arsenicum Album – Anxiety, Burning Secretions, Stomach, Flu, Colds, Wheezing
Avena Sativa – Insomnia, Fatigue, Recovery, Hangover
Belladonna - Fever, Flu, Headache, Redness
Berberis Vulg – Sciatica, Backache, Joint Pain, Headache, Bladder Irritation
Borax – Unpopped Ears, Motion Sickness, Anxiety, Fear of Downward Motion, Nightmares
Bryonia Alba – Flu, Headache, Achy Joints, Constipation
Calcarea Carb – Slow Growth, Digestion, Skin Rashes, Constipation

These are just a few. For more information check out this simple remedy guide.

Where Can You Find These Remedies?

I buy my homeopathic remedies at my local health food store. The brand I typically buy is Boiron, but there are several different brands on the market today, as well as many places to find them. Here are just a few:

Health Food Store
Some local grocery stores

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