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Reflexology to Relax Your Body and Mind

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are zones in our feet and hands which are linked to different parts of our bodies. Applying pressure to those zones will help release congestion in the correlating part of your body to promote wellness.

This page will show you how to find those zones and what parts of the body they correlate with. We'll also provide you with information on how to find a good reflexologist in your area.


Stress is one of the leading causes of illness and imbalances in our wellness over all and affects our bodies. Also daily pollutions, additives and pesticides in our foods, and just everyday thriving can take a great toll on anyone.

Stress creates headaches,migraines,neck tension,back aches,digestive problems, a weakened immune system, high blood pressure,skin disorders,colds and infections.

Reflexology can't stop the daily stress, but it can help cope a little better and help us to relax more.

What is It?

It's a holistic system that treats the body as a whole not as groups of symptoms and is based on a system of zones extending from the feet up thru the body and down thru the fingers.

Reflexologists stimulate the energy in these zones to clear out the blockage,and move the energy, getting it flowing again and creating balance.

In this practice there are areas on the feet and the hands that correlate to different parts of the entire body. These points on the hands and feet are stimulated using pressure with the tip of thumb and finger.

When one of these areas is more tender it represents an imbalance at a certain part of the body. The energy flow is balanced back into those imbalanced areas by applying pressure at the area which correlates with the body part.

The easing of symptoms to the body caused by stress can be achieved by a balancing effect resulting from a reflexology treatment.

Would you like to find a practitioner in your area? Check out the Alternative Medicine Directory.

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